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Programs & Resources

ACPTA helps strengthen local PTAs, develop leadership potential, and promote PTA membership.

Our Programs

We work towards advancing the goals, programs, and initiatives of National and Texas PTAs.

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Technology Class


Our mini-grant program supports and empowers campus PTAs with small budgets and big ideas. 

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Public Demonstration


Stay On Top of What’s Happening in Public Education​

Healthy Lifestyles

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How Can We Help

Access these quick resources to get you started.

Getting Started

Download the PTA Quick Start Guide today!.

Local PTA Board Essentials

Download the National PTA's Board Basics to bring your board quickly up-to-speed.

Vertical Teams & Support

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& Training

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Texas PTA 

Visit Texas PTA's website here.

National PTA

Visit National PTA's website here.

ACPTA Membership

Your investment in the Austin Council of PTAs each year allows ACPTA to host important local PTA training events, and programs, host a district-level Arts Reflection contest, and more.

Per Council Bylaws, regular meetings of the Austin Council of PTAs are open to the members of all local PTAs and PTSAs holding membership in the Council PTA.

Your membership dues to join the Austin Council of PTAs are $50 annually and are fiscal year based. Our fiscal year begins July 1. Council membership dues are due by the first delegate meeting of the year and will cover the annual fiscal year within which the dues are paid.

*Dues must be paid in order for locals to participate in Council PTA Programs such as Reflections.

School Supplies

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Vertical Teams

Austin ISD campuses are organized into Vertical Teams that are defined by the Austin ISD administration. They are referenced by the name of the high school, and usually include the elementary and middle schools that feed into that high school.

Each Vertical Team has an ACPTA Vertical Team Coordinator whose volunteer role is to help organize, schedule and run various Vertical Team meetings and training throughout the year. Vertical Team “Round Table” Meetings are some of the most important. These involve all school principals, PTA Presidents, and ACPTA Delegates at the schools in each Vertical Team. These meetings bring all parties together to share “best practice” activities, District news and specific Vertical Team or school concerns, challenges, and opportunities. Our Council works closely with AISD to schedule at least three of these meetings for each Vertical Team during the school year.


All Principals, PTA Presidents, and ACPTA Delegates are encouraged to attend the Vertical Team Round Table meetings. This partnership between PTA and AISD provides great opportunities to learn about the exciting activities and positive impacts that other schools within the vertical team have going on at their campuses. The relationships developed through this resource serve to strengthen and empower the Vertical Team as a whole.

Akins High School VT - Anderson High School  VT - Austin High VT - Bowie High School VT - Crockett High School VT - Eastside High VT - LBJ High School VT - McCallum High School VT - Navarro High School VT - Northeast High School VT - Travis High School VT

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